Welcome to Hot Body Room

Whatever your level of experience or fitness we welcome you to our Adelaide studio! Discover the many benefits of Hot Bikram Yoga, Yoga, Boxing, Ballet and Interval Training with Hot Pilates.  Choose the sessions that work for you.  We can help you with your selection and  improve your fitness level to achieve your individual goals. The Hot Body Room offers a suite of high quality sessions taught by experienced instructors in a friendly, relaxed environment. We want to work with you each class to grow your fitness and achieve your personal goals. We know everyone is at a different level and that is our speciality.

If you choose Yoga please bring your own Yoga mat, water and towel . There will not be any mats for hire.  Pura tap is installed to fill water bottles. Towels will be available for hire. Boxing lessons we supply gloves and you need to wear shoes.  Ballet we recommend you bring socks.

For information about schedules and pricing please download the Mind Body App here.

Free two hour street parking is available outside of our studio!