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Whatever your level of experience or interest in Yoga, we welcome you to our studio! Discover the many benefits of Yoga and grow your practice with us.  The Hot Body Room offers a high quality of Yoga taught by experienced instructors in a friendly environment. 



Hot Body 26+2 | Bikram | Hot

BIKRAM HOT YOGA is a 75 minute class moving through 26 postures plus 2 breathing. The Yoga room is heated to a level that won’t overwhelm you but provide you with the ability to stretch deeper and gain the benefits of yoga.

Power Flow | Hot

VINYASA flow yoga in a hot room.  Building strength, flexibility and concentration. Calms the mind and body.  Come and try our Power Flow 1 hours class to compliment your sessions in the Hot Body Room.

Flexi Yoga – for those that don’t want hot

HATHA yoga 1 hour session. Slow moving yoga to build your flexibility, balance and core strength.  Great for all levels particular those who want the benefits of yoga without the heat.  Experienced instructors that will assist you to get the best out the session based on your individual goals.

Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA  is a relaxing and calming form of Yoga with transformative effects on the body and mind, Yin Yoga stimulates the connective tissues encouraging long-term health and flexibility of the joints.

Some of the benefits of Yin Yoga include:
• relaxes the mind and body
• reduces stress and anxiety
• improved flexibility
• increased circulation
• revitalises the tissues of the body


Please bring your own Yoga mat, water and towel.  There will not be any available for hire. Mats are available at Target/BigW/KMarts for around $12.00.  A Puratap is installed to fill water bottles.  Towels will be available for hire.