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For those of you who enjoy boxing in a fun environment, Hot Body Room’s boxing classes are for you!

View our timetable to find a boxing class that suits you.

Boxing at the Hot Body Room 

Benefits of our Boxing Classes

Increase Muscle Tone : Get toned and defined without the bulk 

Classes targeted to your ability : Great fun and each class matches ability of everyone

Better Cardiovascular Fitness : Throwing punches is a great aerobic workout building on your core fitness level to get the best out of you each class

Improved Muscle Endurance : Contracting muscles and embedding endurance into each training session.

Core Stability : Core muscles having to work harder to maintain balance.

Improved Power and Strength : The ultimate full body workout.

Stress Relief : Take it out on the bag!! 

Self Esteem and Confidence : comes with technique and regular practice in the Hot Body Room.